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A funding pot for social entrepreneurs

100% of contributions made to this pot are allocated to UpEffect campaigns

As an UpEffect Ally, your support will prime socially responsible organisations for success. We screen all applications against our internal criteria which checks for market appetite, team credibility, community investment, research, potential impact and financial health. We have also made a commitment to work with organisations prioritising fair trade, reducing their carboon footprint and creating economic opportunities for underserved communities.

UpEffect Ally partners will receive annual impact reports on how their grants have translated into meaningful opportunities for the community.

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Ally Partners


Job Creation
Water Delivery
Education and Training
Slow Fashion
Food and Beverages

How it Works

1. We review crowdfunding applications and screen enterprises based on the criteria outlined above to determine alignment. Successful applicants work closely with our team anywhere from 2 - 12 months to launch their crowdfunding campaign.

2. Partners are invited to vote on proposals presented by UpEffect to distribute grants towards these crowdfunding campaigns. Each Ally has one vote and voting sessions will be called to decide on the allocation of these funds. e.g. amount being awarded and campaigns being rewarded.

3. Equity-free grants are issued to UpEffect campaigns at different stages depending on their need.

4. UpEffect works closely with these enterprises on a weekly basis until their crowdfunding campaign completes and on a monthly basis thereafter until their impact report is complete.

The Ally funding pot is a project inspired by Kwanda. UpEffect is a Kwanda member and we invite you to join and contribute to their funding pot for Black communities.

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