Get Started with Crowdfunding


1. We love helping revolutionary founders succeed and have an impact. Please tell us about your idea: 


2. If your company meets our sustainability criteria, we will be in touch shortly to learn more about your venture.  

3. After the interview, prospective campaigner and UpEffect will together decide if crowdfunding is the right move for your company at this time. If so, welcome to the UpEffect family!

4. We will get started on creating a personalised project schedule for you, set up weekly office hours with our crowdfunding coach and start connecting you to influencers for your campaign. See our Services page for more information on what's included in the Standard Package.

5. We also offer an array of accelerator services that will help your company build the traction needed to ensure a successful campaign. These services are also a great help for companies that aren't quite ready for crowdfunding.  


UpEffect is the only crowdfunding platform in the world with a 100% success rate.