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UpEffect Handbook
How to crowdfund your mission-driven company


Welcome to UpEffect's Crowdfunding Handbook for social entrepreneurs. This guide will walk you through everything from turning your idea into a campaign to planning your rewards, promotion and updates.

Crowdfunding has proven to be a great tool to help launch ideas, whether it's a book on how to launch a social enterprise, a video documenting the impact of a new product, a solar light .. pretty much anything you can dream to make a reality.

To get started, your UpEffect campaign will need:

  • A campaign page with a video and description that clearly explains your story
  • Rewards that backers will receive when the campaign has ended. These are incentives for backers and can include discounted or limited edition products
  • Updates that share the creative journey as the campaign comes to life

We have provided more information on each of these sections below to help you get started with your campaign.